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Run With The Pack!

CERTIFIED INDUSTRIES is a place where  sound is born, visions come to life and dreams come alive.  This is where the vibe is amplified and you will leave with all your artistic needs fulfilled.  You will never leave unsatisfied.  "Keep the Vibe Certified!"  


Certified Industries 

was founded in 2012 as a small home studio with dreams and aspirations to make it on a professional level one day. The business was solidified in 2018 when it was moved into a store front to fully establish itself. Eventually meeting people along the way with the same dreams and aspirations we ventured together to build what we now call Certified Industries. The team is now called the Wolf Pack. 

One of the owners and current CEO is an involved artist, musician and entrepreneur. He is musically inclined in multiple instruments and is very business savvy. These abilities are what helps him lead his team build a bigger and better business everyday. His ultimate goal is to ensure that our business, our clients, and our team feels successful, happy and comfortable. 

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